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Earthtech Products

24 Feb

When it comes to cutting-edge alternative technology devices, Earthtech Products truly has it all.  The

easy to navigate website has any electronic device imaginable, constructed specifically to run on alternative energy or in an energy efficient mode.  A big theme you will soon notice is their emphasis on solar energy–ranging from flexible solar panels to hand held solar battery chargers.  Prices are very competitive in regards to the market and they even offer price matching if you happen to find a product cheaper elsewhere.  With free shipping and a no-hassle 30 day return, what’s more to love? Oh yeah, the products!

But it doesn’t stop there. Earthtech Products has a great gift selection if you are looking for eco-friendly gifts (that your friend can actually use) and will continue to benefit them in the future.  Outdoor adventure fans need not fear, this business also has something for you, including rechargeable LED flashlights and emergency devices.  Lastly, you can find many quality products to supplement your already energy-sustainable home. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Green Store

22 Feb

If you are truly looking for an outstanding selection of environmentally friendly goods, then this is the website for you!  Started by Laura Meyer in an effort to reduce her son’s asthma symptoms, The Ultimate Green Store has been showcased on a multitude of radio and talk shows including Oprah, ABC News, and CNN’s Open House.  She is also the author of Remodel This! A Woman’s Guide to Planning and Surviving the Madness of a Home Renovation (Penguin, 2007) and continues to write many articles as a featured green and home improvement expert. Being green couldn’t be easier with the high quality selection of products they carry. And as if that wasn’t already attention worthy, they also donate a portion of their sales to provide eco-friendly school supplies to schools in need. Your support begins with just one click

Gorgeous and Green

16 Feb

Founded by Lenka Hawrys, Gorgeous and Green is an eco-friendly online store based out of Canada. They host a wealth of quality products that are organic, fair trade, recycled, and socially responsible.  This resides on their belief that you can shop with a conscious mind, resulting in a personable environment dedicated to giving back to the community and the artisans who so painstakingly craft their products.  They have something for everyone-from artistic BPA-free water bottles to sustainable bamboo kitchenware. This eco-chic boutique also has a lot of great gift ideas and as members of 1% for the Planet, they donate 1% of all sales to the support of environmentally sound businesses.  Take a look!