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Focus on a Cool Girl: Think Pink

6 Jan

This is my new friend, Kimi Vandyk  with a headline on LinkedIn that reads: Marketing.Social Media.GamePlay.Events.Trade Shows.Webinars.Logo Products.Mobile Local.QR Codes.SMS.Project Management. She lives in Santa Barbara and loves the color pink. Obviously we love it too here at this cool girls website.

Kimi is all about creative collaboration and loves working with her clients to find the best promotional items to fit their marketing goals. I found her on LinkedIn and in reply to my email, she sent me a video hello back. Kimi art directs  and loves to help others achieve their visions through design. I found her on on linkedin, connected and she immediately sent me a video hello. I was so touched by it as it was very clever and warm, I immediately contacted her and we chatted on Skype. Since then she has referred me to some amazing people and, in exchange, I have been coaching her on focusing on the one thing she should put her efforts toward accomplishing this year.
She refers people to for design. She is also focusing  on promotional items as per her website,

I know this will be her breakthrough year. Please reach out to her and connect. I am sure you will find she is awesome!

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