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The Wise Cabby

22 Oct

Coming from the Midwest I talk to everyone and anyone, and days like today make me glad I do. I ran out of my apartment running late to meet a friend and luckily to my surprise an available cab was coming my way, hailed him down and hopped in . Immediately after telling him the name of the restaurant I asked how his day was going and he proceeded to ask me “What is your dream for life?” Caught me off guard that’s for certain, at only 25 years old I don’t feel I need to have life and dreams planned out and I’m pretty pleased with where my life is at this time so my response was “still figuring that all out.”  The wise cabby had some brilliant words for me, “you’re in the ocean in a row-boat with no destination until you set your dreams.” I have been following my passions and living life the best way I know how but don’t have my dreams down pat. I do know what my passions are, writing being on of them but how do I mold this in to a dream for life when there are many things I am passionate about? That’s left to be determined.

Lucky for Ella she has a dream for life but she is still stuck in the row-boat not heading to her destination. Her passion for footwear is evident, in the way it boosts her mood to the way it shows her confidence in herself. Ella may be shy but she is far from reserved when she has on a pair of fabulous pumps.

With a hunger for more wisdom I ask the cabby, how to find my dream for life and once again he enlightens me. “The deer teaches the hunter how to hunt the deer,” now you may be thinking the same thing I was thinking, “huh?” The wise cabby explains to me that dreams find you and teach you how to reach your dream. Ella learns how to reach her dream because she loves and knows her footwear so she will be successful in however she pursues this dream.

As I stepped out of the cab, I said thank you for the advice and he said “just keep practicing the art of living.”

The Benefits of Collaborative Writing

8 Oct

Writing has always been my passion. When I was 8-years-old I started a poetry club with my cousin and was convinced it was the world’s coolest thing–so obviously we had to keep it top secret it. Well, secret’s out, we were nerds.

I’ve been a writer my whole life. I love it and always have, but there is one aspect of writing that no one enjoys: it’s a solo job. The best friends of most writers are a cup of coffee and their laptop. It’s not a very social career, which has always been difficult for me because I love being social!

This is why writing Shy Town Girls with Melissa, Jen and Kate has been so exciting. The process of sharing and collaborating on ideas and then running with them is much more invigorating than sitting alone in coffee shop wondering if this scene will work or not.  Now, I have a team of amazing women who know the core values of story and how to bring that out in a book series.

The biggest advantage of collaborative publishing is that you don’t have days or weeks to mull over 684 outcomes and scenarios for your characters.  The process is much faster and easier when you can share your thoughts and get inspired by your co-writers. We have a certain rhythm together where creative ideas are at an all time high and I look forward to seeing the outcome!

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