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Shy-Town Girls Book Out! Like Sex in the City for Chicago!

2 Dec

Four Shy Girls, Four Big Dreams, One Awesome City:

Book 1 in the Shy-Town Girls Quartet Series

When beautiful, but shy 24-year-old, Bobbie Bertucci, arrives at her new digs, an elegant brownstone in Chicago’s historic Gold Coast neighborhood, she has no idea what her new life will be like. Between balancing her job as a modeling agent and escaping a bad relationship, she’s hit rock bottom.

But things change when she moves into the same building as her close friend Meryl. Additionally, her two new twenty-something roommates, Ivy and Ella, help bring Bobbie out of her shell. Barbara, landlady and mother-hen of the house, watches out for the girls while sharing wisdom, sage advice, and guidance along better paths. Bobbie, Meryl, Ivy, and Ella, all variations of shy girls, brave the city of Chicago together, forming a powerful bond of friendship. Their nighttime roof deck conversations over glasses of wine instigate laughter and even some tears.

Bobbie takes a bold step to redesign her life completely to ensure she doesn’t fall into the romantic trap she fell into before. But there’s a new suitor in the picture, and she will have to decide between an old flame or a new one, taking a risk, something hard for any girl–even harder for a shy girl.


Join us as we launch a wonderful book series. Here’s what we are doing so far:

  • A great video we did with a number of very awesome, shy girls (see above)
  • WGN this Wednesday – 820 on your radio dial or go to the website and listen as Katie Leimkuehler and I dish about the Shy Town.
  • Akira clothing store book signing in Chicago, Saturday, December 8th.
  • National pr campaign
  • Setting up a six-week promotional series called “Six Weeks of Love” with $50 gift certificate give aways starting weekly, January 1st, 2013 ending Feb. 14th.
  • Ongoing blogging and a book club event online

This whole effort has been an amazing experience. It is a focus of my philanthropic initiative called “Leadership 19-29,” that helps young professionals get better starts in their lives. I am also donating a portion of each book sold to the YWCA in an effort to continue my focus on young people, especially young women. Stay tuned for more insights on our four-book novel series with Shy-Town Girls.

Ready to purchase Shy-Town Girls? Click here for the paperback version and here for the Kindle version.

In Gratitude!