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Beyond the Broken Book Review

31 Jan

Beyond the Broken by Sharisse Kimbro


Sharisse Kimbro leaves no hardship unrecognized in her beautifully written book, Beyond the Broken. When five outwardly successful friends come together in the aftermath of a tragic event, they discover inwardly they are all emotionally distraught, overwhelmed, and damaged. After neglecting their friendships for sometime, it was apparent to each that strong relationships are the keys to a happy, healthy, and full life.


The vulnerability of each woman is very relatable and I found myself identifying very strongly with qualities of each. Kimbro’s ability to supercede race issues to appeal to all women equally makes this story a work of art. Eloquently and gracefully, Kimbro writes of difficult topics such as suicide, domestic abuse, affairs, and abortions, showing that life is not black and white and struggles people go through are very real.


Not only is it important to take the time to discuss pain and hardships, but to take the time to learn to let go of them. Beyond the Broken is not only a fictional story to get lost in and enjoy, but a revelation; a call to action for any reader who may be feeling lost and not knowing where to turn. As Kimbro’s unique tale points out, there is always hope, and always help.


Kimbro’s flawless writing style, attention to detail, and elegant language make reading this book very gratifying. The rich description of the San Fransisco Bay Area made me feel as if I’d been there forever, even though I’ve never visited. I could picture the Chicago scene that I’ve come to know so well through the portrayal of the city streets, skyscrapers, and the lakefront Kimbro so expertly depicted.


I so enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend it to anyone. After finishing Beyond the Broken, it left me wanting more. You can get the book on Amazon in hard copy, paperback, or kindle here: . Happy Reading!


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Just how to Compose the Release of an Essay

31 Jan

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Representation Essay Topic Suggestions

30 Jan

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Where To Buy Essays

17 Jan

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App Brings People Face-to-Face Through Social Media

15 Jan

The premise of Networlding is forming and maintaining long-term, mutually- beneficial, relationships in radically different ways than traditional networking. “Networlding is a long journey rather than a short ride, a

Although Networlding is a foundation for business relationships, it can also be translated to social exchanges as well. We typically surround ourselves with people who share the same interests and hobbies as we do. When choosing our Primary Social Circle of friends we look for people who share the same values and interests to assist us in achieving personal success – the success of having an enjoyable time!nd you want to make sure that those you share it with are people you truly feel connected to on a deeper level than money. The journey must be marked not only by your continuous success but by the success of others (Networlding, 37).” In business it is essential to surround yourself with a Primary Circle of people, typically 10 or less, who share values that are similar to yours to help achieve goals that are comparable to the ones you strive for as well. This community of professionals can then assist each other with strategies, processes, and purpose to make success achievable for all partners involved.

The strategies and processes of reaching the goal of an enjoyable time consist of the way in which an enjoyable time is achieved, or the things we do in each other’s company. For example, in business the process you would have to go through might be connecting with a lawyer to ensure you haven’t violated any copyright laws before you reach your end goal of publishing a book. One of your partners in your Primary Circle is connected with a copyright lawyer and introduces you. Your partner helped start your process to reach your end goal. The same is true socially. Your end goal is to play a game of baseball. You call a friend in your Primary Social Circle to help you begin the process. Your friend, who owns baseballs and bats and has other friends who would like to play, helps you reach your end goal of playing a game of baseball in which you then achieve the success of having an enjoyable time!

At The Pool, a new social media app that launched in Los Angeles, California exclusively for iOs on November 7, 2013, can help when choosing your Primary Social Circle! CEO and founder of At The Pool, Alex Capecelatro, noticed that the Millenial generation typically took their networking to social media, and while people were connecting more virtually by posting pictures and status updates, they were losing the face-to-face connection that Networlding promotes to keep Primary Circles engaged. At The Pool’s mission is to bring people face-to-face through the help of social media.

At The Pool Features:

Similarly to other social media outlets, At The Pool uses ‘Shouts’ as the equivalent of a status update. An At The Pool user would shout something they are doing, or would like to do, such as play a game of baseball. This would alert friends nearby and other people who may also be interested in playing a game of baseball.

Contacts are reorganized in the user’s phone not in alphabetical order, but instead by the distance from the user; friends at closer locations will be listed first. This allows friends to see who is easily nearby to join their game of baseball.

Unlike other social media outlets, At The Pool uses Open Networks to connect people locally. This allows user’s the ability to connect with other users they have not met, but have similar interests in close proximity to each other. People find others who enjoy doing the same activities to put together a more accurate Primary Social Circle of friends to help reach their end goal of having an enjoyable time while actively assisting in the process of reaching their end goal; a truly correlative product to the Networlding philosophy!

Not only can a user search for friends in the area by location, but by interests as well! At The Pool has profiles they call Intelligent Profiles. People can search for others based on their hobbies they have posted through shouts.

Networlding socially can be done easily through this new app.Utilizing this new product will make it easier for people to create better, longer lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. A concept that helps people get what they want, while helping others achieve the same in return.

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Custom Essays Ireland

15 Jan

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