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Faith Fall: The Miracle of Letting Go

22 Sep

New book by Melissa G Wilson

New book by Melissa G Wilson

What’s it like to create a new book, especially one that is about the subject of faith? It’s not easy and it’s still a work-in-progress for me. It reminds me of the year I spent working on a book I wrote more than a decade ago called “Angels in the Workplace.” In the book I came up with that showcase seven spiritual beliefs that I saw as useful–even greatly valuable in our workplace. The beliefs? The were:

  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Charity
  • Courage
  • Truth
  • Trust
  • Love

I wrote seven chapters with seven real-life stories in each chapter. So what did that mean? To me it meant finding 49 people, seven for each chapter. Here, for example, is the beginning of the chapter on trust, one of the most important values certainly in todays overly complex, online world.

Chapter 6: Trust: Being Open and Vulnerable with Confidence

“I think we may safely trust a good deal more than we do. We may waive just so much care of ourselves as we honestly bestow elsewhere.”
– Henry David Thoreau

Trust in the workplace is a very serious issue. Tom Peters maintains that for organizations “adding trust is the issue of the decade.” Perhaps never before, since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, have there been so many trust issues in the workplace. Whether it is employers seeking loyal employees or employees seeking trustworthy employers, trust issues abound. Many organizations are frantically searching for ways to build employee morale, using outside consultants and speakers to motivate through developing team building, customer service, and leadership. They also bring in experts to conduct employee morale and trust surveys. Yet the same organizations often fail to address the concerns that show up in these surveys. Instead, management spends 80 percent of its time identifying problems and only 20 percent of the time doing anything about them.

However, those organizations and employees who have taken it upon themselves to build trust through long-term initiatives in the workplace are receiving great benefits. The stories in this section showcase how others have developed this belief, which brings about great improvements in the quality of daily work life. Most if not all of the seven beliefs of workplace angels involve belief in trust. Faith (Chapter One) is often synonymous with trust in the context of angel beliefs. Whereas faith represents trust in the divine, trust focuses on belief in a person or thing. Additionally, hope is also often used to define trust. Certainly, courage evolves from trusting that even though fear is present, the desired outcome will be achieved, or that the choice you make is right no matter what the outcome. Further, when trust is intertwined with truth, you trust that the decision you make or the words you speak are based on truth. Finally, love emanates from deep-seated trust that you are leading from your heart rather than your head.

To undervalue the power of trust is therefore to limit its contribution in creating a new world of work. By building your relationships on a foundation of trust, you come to experience the other seven beliefs and the powerful gifts they return to you. The workplace angels in this chapter know how essential this belief is in almost every aspect of daily work. They have experienced firsthand how lack of trust can tear an organization apart. They also know trust must be developed daily to remain an effective tool for personal as well as organizational growth.

Faith Fall and Its Meaning


Walden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So what does it mean to have a Faith Fall? It’s related to the belief of trust. In fact, what I learned from writing Angels in the Workplace” was that all the above beliefs reconnected back to the word “trust.” For example, the word “faith” comes from the latin root fidere which means trust. So when will you start your Faith Fall? In other words when will you “let go and let God?” Perhaps just like this picture of Walton Pond inspired Thoreau, you will be inspired to let yourself take a Faith Fall. Try it. You’ll be glad you did! Trust me!

Representation Essay Topic Suggestions

10 Sep

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Just how to Publish a Study Paper within the Thirdperson

2 Sep

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