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7 May



English: A band plays on the Hollywood Walk of...

English: A band plays on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (6801 Hollywood Blvd), 21 April 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

declined to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Back in 1990, Madonna was nominated to have her name placed in a star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame. The international pop star, however, declined to have the star created in her honor due to the fact that she was simply not interested in receiving such an award. The organization that deals with the nominations and the stars also has certain requirements before giving the award: they require that the nominee actually show up to the ceremony. It was made known that Madonna does not want to show up to the ceremony and, until such time as she agrees to actually attend, the organization will likely not let her have one. There is also little doubt about the fact that Madonna will not accept future nominations to have her name placed on the iconic walk, even though she is perfectly eligible.

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