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Taking on Instagram!

19 May

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Take Me To Versailles

19 May

Versailles was something out of a dream. We arrived in Paris late on trouble climbing right into our bed. However, once I landed in bed around 1:30am, I couldn’t fall asleep. I felt like a little kid before Christmas Eve because I knew that the next day I’d be stomping around Marie Antoinette Palace of Versailles.FullSizeRender FullSizeRender

We woke up early to take a 45 minutes train ride to Versailles. We arrived, stopped by a market to get some snacks, and than made our way up to the Palace. Almost like a tidal wave, the palace was getting bigger and bigger as we approached it. Once at the entrance, we stared in awe at its beauty and the entrance, which was a giant gold gate. We walked around the inside of the palace in silence imagining what it might have been like to dance, walk, or run through the hallways hundreds of years ago. Just by walking from room to room, you could tell there were extravagant parties held in this palace. Each room was dripping with color, gold, and richness. It took my breath away.

After making our way through the palace, we made our way out to the maize of gardens. There was music playing and people lounging and laughing. Garden after garden, we couldn’t believe the enormousness of the grounds. Every garden was equally as intricate as the other and every fountain as beautiful as the next. I often closed my eyes and imagined Marie Antoinette walking the grounds with her big dresses and even bigger hair. After a couple hours of walking, we laid down by the Grand Canal. The palace still felt like the grounds of a party and the life of luxury. People were licking their melting ice cream, drinking wine, and laying by the water.  It was as if there wasn’t a problem in the world once you passed those giant gold gates.

Marie Antoinette might have had a short life but it was a luxurious one at that.