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Powerful Richards

28 May

Did you know that Virgin started in a church? True! Richard Branson started his own company of a record business from a church where he ran The Student Magazine. In the 1960s he interviewed prominent personalities such as Mick Jagger and R.D. Laing. Because Branson advertised popular records, it was a huge and fast success.

Not only was Richard Branson a game changer but also the other Richard- Richard The Lionhearted was taking command at age 16.  At age 16, he had taken command of his own army in order to put down rebellions in Poitou against his father.

English: Sir Richard Branson kite surfing at N...

English: Sir Richard Branson kite surfing at Necker Island, photo by Dominic Lee Priory Studios Dublin for the book “Out of Your Tree 2″ for The Irish Cancer Society. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Build it and They Will Come

28 May

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