Welcome to The Cool Girls Guide!

A guide to becoming successful and also showcasing books by women for women.

As women we are able to classify ourselves into many roles. Are you a leader, entrepreneur, writer, creative, diva, geek, and/or wine connoisseur? No matter the conglomerate of roles you take on we’re here to help!

The Cool Girls Guide was established by ambitious, independent, and beautiful women, just like you, to aid in the guidance towards pursuing, creating, and executing your ideas.

We have over 25 years of experience helping young women become best-selling authors and/or start & grow businesses successfully. This fusion of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit gives us the tools we all need to guide in the executution of great ideas.

But there is more. The Cool Girls Guide is a philanthropic initiative than anything else. Melissa G Wilson, the founder of The Cool Girls Guide, best-selling author, and President of Networlding Marketing and Publishing, is a successful woman and business owner. In creating the Cool Girls Guide she states, “I wish I had someone–a mentor if you will, helping me startup my ventures. So, here I am and here we are–me and my team of top women in their various industries, to come and help you pursue your goals.”

The Cool Girls Guide is a for-profit website but half of all of our revenues that we receive through products you are able to buy will keep this site running and offering lots of low-cost and even free tools and services to help you grow.

Won’t you join us?


More About Us

Melissa Giovagnoli G Wilson

I have been in business now more than  twenty years. I started as a referral service for trade businesses–like an Angie’s list. I kept that focus–promoting trade services locally to companies large and small all over the Chicagoland area. After about four years and ten employees, I changed direction.

I moved out of my office space as it was too expensive and back into my home. I had two small sons and it was the last thing I really wanted to do but that’s the way it goes when you are an entrepreneur. I did not go under but had tallied up more than $50,000 worth of debt. I also had debt from undergraduate, graduate school and law school. Also, at that time banks did not help fund women businesses and so I had funded everything for my business on 18% credit cards. Really!

I went home to try to dig my way out of my debt. I started helping entrepreneurial companies grow and taught entrepreneurship. Then I decided I would start to write books. It was a love and passion and is now my number one passion–besides helping others like you, of course!

So for the last eighteen years I have authored and co-authored thirteen books, the first one, The Chicago Entrepreneurs Sourcebook, which helped me build more successfully and help even more entrepreneurs. Then I started writing books on networking, another passion. I haven’t looked back as I continue to use my large, influential network where I can make the greatest difference. Working with my co-author on my seventh book, Jocelyn Carter Miller, created the company that I call Networlding, based on the book we co-wrote. Networlding was #10 on Amazon for a full year (in Chicago) and ten years later is alive, well and being updated by Jocelyn and me this year. Networlding 4.0: The Great Exchange, is focused on our vibrant and complex, networked world and shares dozens and dozens of success stories where companies and individuals have applied Networlding principles.

I look forward to sharing more with you and helping your organization grow. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have at melissa @ networlding.com.