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Faith Fall: The Miracle of Letting Go

22 Sep

New book by Melissa G Wilson

New book by Melissa G Wilson

What’s it like to create a new book, especially one that is about the subject of faith? It’s not easy and it’s still a work-in-progress for me. It reminds me of the year I spent working on a book I wrote more than a decade ago called “Angels in the Workplace.” In the book I came up with that showcase seven spiritual beliefs that I saw as useful–even greatly valuable in our workplace. The beliefs? The were:

  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Charity
  • Courage
  • Truth
  • Trust
  • Love

I wrote seven chapters with seven real-life stories in each chapter. So what did that mean? To me it meant finding 49 people, seven for each chapter. Here, for example, is the beginning of the chapter on trust, one of the most important values certainly in todays overly complex, online world.

Chapter 6: Trust: Being Open and Vulnerable with Confidence

“I think we may safely trust a good deal more than we do. We may waive just so much care of ourselves as we honestly bestow elsewhere.”
– Henry David Thoreau

Trust in the workplace is a very serious issue. Tom Peters maintains that for organizations “adding trust is the issue of the decade.” Perhaps never before, since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, have there been so many trust issues in the workplace. Whether it is employers seeking loyal employees or employees seeking trustworthy employers, trust issues abound. Many organizations are frantically searching for ways to build employee morale, using outside consultants and speakers to motivate through developing team building, customer service, and leadership. They also bring in experts to conduct employee morale and trust surveys. Yet the same organizations often fail to address the concerns that show up in these surveys. Instead, management spends 80 percent of its time identifying problems and only 20 percent of the time doing anything about them.

However, those organizations and employees who have taken it upon themselves to build trust through long-term initiatives in the workplace are receiving great benefits. The stories in this section showcase how others have developed this belief, which brings about great improvements in the quality of daily work life. Most if not all of the seven beliefs of workplace angels involve belief in trust. Faith (Chapter One) is often synonymous with trust in the context of angel beliefs. Whereas faith represents trust in the divine, trust focuses on belief in a person or thing. Additionally, hope is also often used to define trust. Certainly, courage evolves from trusting that even though fear is present, the desired outcome will be achieved, or that the choice you make is right no matter what the outcome. Further, when trust is intertwined with truth, you trust that the decision you make or the words you speak are based on truth. Finally, love emanates from deep-seated trust that you are leading from your heart rather than your head.

To undervalue the power of trust is therefore to limit its contribution in creating a new world of work. By building your relationships on a foundation of trust, you come to experience the other seven beliefs and the powerful gifts they return to you. The workplace angels in this chapter know how essential this belief is in almost every aspect of daily work. They have experienced firsthand how lack of trust can tear an organization apart. They also know trust must be developed daily to remain an effective tool for personal as well as organizational growth.

Faith Fall and Its Meaning


Walden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So what does it mean to have a Faith Fall? It’s related to the belief of trust. In fact, what I learned from writing Angels in the Workplace” was that all the above beliefs reconnected back to the word “trust.” For example, the word “faith” comes from the latin root fidere which means trust. So when will you start your Faith Fall? In other words when will you “let go and let God?” Perhaps just like this picture of Walton Pond inspired Thoreau, you will be inspired to let yourself take a Faith Fall. Try it. You’ll be glad you did! Trust me!

Start with Gratitude

13 Apr


Flower (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

One of the best ways to get a great start on Spring is to think about what you are grateful for today. Here is a start I began to inspire you:

1000 Thankyou’s – A Ponder Book Series

1. Sunshine bursting through after days of grey.
2. Sun-buttered mornings
3. Tulips
4. Smiles from strangers
5. Being able to help someone in need.
6. Running down a beach.
7. Looking up at trees.
8. Happy children.
9. People singing on holidays.
10. Winning something no matter what.
11. Getting a book contract.
12. Being on Oprah.
13. Having someone who read your book thank you for it.
14. Having people appreciate you.
15. Unconditional love.
16. A nice day after a cold winter.
17. Being able to write book after book after book after book.
18. Black and white movies.
19. Having the most amazing partner in life.
20. Having awesome children and friends
21. Growing an orchid plant.
22. Touching a baby’s head with just peach fuzz on it
23. Holding a loved one’s hand
24. Memories of feeling joyful
25. Hopes for the future.
26. Having a talent.
27. Liking the way you sing.
28. Driving on a usually congested road at night when you can zoom through without traffic.
29. Laughing without caring what people think.
30. Popcorn and a great movie at the theatre.
31. Hearing birds chirp after a long cold, pretty silent winter.
32. Snowflakes so thick they last for minutes or more in your hand.
33. A warm, slow perfect kiss.
34. Running without breathing hard.
35. Reading an amazing uplifting passage in a book.
36. Howling at the moon.
37. A completely starlit night.
38. A cool splash of water on a hot Summer’s day.
39. Talking without having to finish a sentence.
40. The color spectrum – for each person there is a different color that inspires them. Mine is red.
41. Sailing
42. Not being afraid even if only for a moment
43. A beautiful city skyline
44. Trees . . . all kinds
45. Puppies
46. Kittens
47. Flowers
48. Children
49. Hugs
50. Hand holding
51. Pillows
52. Covers
53. Fresh air
54. Mountains
55. Radio shows like NPR
56. Singing
57. Laughter
58. Fresh washed hair
59. Rainbows
60. Lace
61. Friends
62. Whispers
63. Lakes
64. Rivers
65. Boats
66. Running
67. Swimming
68. Spring
69. Warmth when you are cold
70. Cold when you are hot
71. Stews
72. Minestrone soup
73. Hearty soups of any kind
74. Warm baked bread just out to the oven
75. Warm semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies
76. Safe havens
77. Support
78. A great pair of shoes
79. A new dress that fits perfectly
80. Trees
81. Smiles
82. Handshakes
83. Vacations
84. Water
85. Lakes
86. Oceans
87. Chairs
88. Flowers
89. Children
90. Laughter
91. Sighs
92. Dancing
93. Singing
94. Questions
95. Dusk
96. Sun rise
97. Earth
98. Bicycling
99. Running
100. See saws
101. Popcorn
102. Movies
103. Mysteries
104. Romances
105. Books
106. Writing
107. School houses
108. Old homes
109. Lob cabins
110. Funny shirts
111. Funny sayings
112. Improv
113. Good music
114. If rock and roll had a baby they would call it the blues
115. Blues, country, gospel – came together to lift rock and roll
116. Nature – God’s personal health club
117. Museums
118. Teachers
119. Reading
120. Hugs
121. Massage
122. Quiet
123. Whispers – Seth – earn the right to whisper
124. Science
125. Research
126. Building
127. Architecture
128. Art
129. Innovation
130. Exploring
131. Adventure
132. Summer
133. Spring after a long winter
134. A carpet of grass
135. Snow-capped mountains
136. Travel
137. Italy

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10 Beauty Products to Bank on in the New Year!

22 Dec


Looking for new beauty products that get results? Try one or more of these 10 from one of our community members, Cari A:

1) Morning-Lancôme Visionarie Advanced Skin Corrector Serum-Always apply before moisturizer to allow for maximum absorption.

2) Skyn Iceland Angelica Line Smoother (Instant Wrinkle- Smoother)-For best results, use this after serum, but before moisturizer and makeup.

3) Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer (Face Moisturizer SPF 30)-Apply to chest and neck.

4) L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot (Dark Spot-Fading Serum-If it contains retinol, don’t use a retinol cream or moisturizer over it.

5) Perricone MD Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream- If it interferes with your makeup, use it only at night.

6) Evening-Roc Correctional Sensitive Night Cream Allow it to be absorbed into skin for a few minutes before bedtime so it won’t come off on your pillow).

7) Philosophy The Micro-delivery Triple-Acid Brightening Peel At-Home Peel-If you’re using a retinol night or day cream, skip it the day before, the day of, and the day after the peel. Repeat eye cream.

8) Evening- when using Retinol-Boots No7 without Retinol

9) Anti-Aging Lip Treatment- Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy - Best to use pre-bedtime since it’s better absorbed while you sleep although can also be used during the day.

10) Body Lotion- Fresh Sugar Acai Age Delay Body Cream-Slather on after toweling off post-shower to help lock in moisture. Slather on after toweling off post-shower to help lock in moisture.

Cari A. purchased the Good Housekeeping September 2013 issue and read a fabulous article, “Your Skin-Care Schedule, Simplified”. As Cari stated, “I decided once and for all to get a solid regiment down that was tried and tested by experts and readers and purchased all the products above. I have been using all these products for the last 3 months and one of my friends said recently to me, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing but keep on doing it because you never looked so good.’ Well I can tell you that it is paying off!!!’”

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The Chick-Lit 50: Leading Influential Authors

8 Oct

Social Media has become the norm for sharing opinions, beliefs, and ideas in our society. CEOs, marketing gurus, newscasters, college students, and bored housewives all have jumped on board with the social media frenzy.

Cover of "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, ...

Cover of Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea

We used to determine someone’s influence based on their charitable contributions and how powerful their careers were. Now, influence can be based on how high one’s Klout score is or how many ‘likes’ received on Facebook.

Social media has made a world of difference in corporations. They say word-of-mouth is the best advertising, and social media has allowed millions of people to discuss millions of products in the open for anyone to observe. This allows marketing and public relations professionals the opportunity to address customer concerns and discover if the product they’re selling is really something that consumers want.

It’s easy to see how social media would benefit corporate America, but what about other professions and industries?  Does social media really play an important role? It certainly is a good question.

Take, for instance, the book publishing circuit. Self published writers and publishing companies thrive because of social media. Authors can connect with other authors and publishers to get the word out about their books.

Shakespeare can be considered a very influential author, even without the help of social media. Theatre and movies are bursting with Shakespeare’s writings and quotes and have been for many years. Now, a mock Twitter account with the handle @Wwm_Shakespeare has almost 50,000 followers and a Klout score of 65. Over 400 years later, Shakespeare continues to be influential through the use of social media!

Current authors and their publishers can also connect with fans to hear what readers would like to read and get others interested in things they’ve already written. To showcase this finding, I searched for the most popular books in the Chick-Lit genre. Then I used Twitter and Hootsuite to identify 50 fiction authors from the list with high Klout scores and a mass of followers.


Here’s the list my research generated.

The Chick-Lit 50: Leading Influential Authors

Cecily von Zeigesar Gossip Girl

Candace Bushnell Sex and the City

Judy Blume Tiger Eyes

Jodi Picoult My Sister’s Keeper

Lauren Weisberger The Devil Wears Prada

Amy Tan The Joy Luck Club

Philippa Gregory The Other Boleyn Girl

Ann Brashares Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Cecelia Ahern P.S. I Love You

Meg Cabot Princess Diaries

Janet Evanovich One for the Money

James Patterson Suzanne’s Diary for Nicolas

Chelsea Handler Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea

Sarah Dessen Someone Like You

Jessica Sorensen The Coincidence

Joanne Harris Chocolat

Joyce Carol Oates We Were the Mulvaneys

Joan Swan Phoenix Rising

Lindsey Leavitt Princess For Hire

Paige Edward Dare Me Forever

Tess Thompson Riversong

Liv Morris Drunk & Disorderly

Stephen Kiernan The Curiosity

Brad Taylor Enemy of Mine

Nicole Mcgehee Regret Not A Moment

Nicolas Sparks Dear John

Wendy Cartmell Steps to Heaven

Melissa Walker Unbreak My Heart

Marie Astor This Tangled Thing Called Love

Sara Palacios Love In Translation

Jamie Blair Leap of Faith

Allie Larkin Why Can’t I Be You

Colleen Oakes Ellie in Bloom

Luann Robinson Hull Happily Ever After Right Now

Jason Mott The Returned

Chris Kuhn Muse Unlocked

Glen Hepker A Glimpse of Heaven

Rick Bylina One Promise Too Many

Laura Miller Butterfly Weeds

R.M. James Love’s Second Chance

Tyler Compton The Poisonous Ten

Carlie Sexton Fallen For You

C. Lee McKenzie Sliding on the Edge

Teresa Mummert White Trash Beautiful

Anna Jeffrey The Tycoon

Cara Rosalie Olsen Awakening Foster Kelly

Kathryne Arnold The Fear of Things to Come

Stephanie Zia The Widow’s To Do List

Tobin Elliot Vanishing Hope

Michael Hooper Man of Discovery

Terri Giuliano Long In Leah’s Wake


After viewing this list, it is clear that social media is just as important to the book publishing circuit as the corporate world. The authors in the above list have created a following and developed a strategy to stay connected with fans, publishers, and other authors to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and get their works recognized.

By taking advantage of this list of authors, observing their social media approach, and connecting with them, other self published authors can develop their own social media strategy to have their publications viewed by masses of fans as well. The more people an author can connect with, the easier it will be to have her works known, and hopefully one day being included in a list of influential authors.

–Bailey Allen, Cub Reporter for Networlding and Networlding Publishing
Connect with me on Twitter @BaileyeAllen

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Magnolia Bakery and Sarah Jessica Parker

17 Jul

Ever been to New York City? If so you probably know the best selling, TV series and movies “ Sex and the City.” Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie Bradshaw a writer, was seen eating a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery. As a result of this great pr opportunity Magnoliahia then named the cupcake the “Sarah Jessica Parker” cupcake.

This delicious vanilla cupcake has a pale-pink butter cream frosting a candied- sugar flower in the middle on top. This is a cupcake that is well-known by a fashionista and everyone love its.

Magnolia leveraged this scene by creating a special cupcake in Sarah Jessica Parker’s honor. Looking at this example, what could be possible for you with your unique business?


Guest blogger, Maddie Cowen
Connect with me on Twitter at @MadelineCowen



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Shy-Town Girls Book Out! Like Sex in the City for Chicago!

2 Dec

Four Shy Girls, Four Big Dreams, One Awesome City:

Book 1 in the Shy-Town Girls Quartet Series

When beautiful, but shy 24-year-old, Bobbie Bertucci, arrives at her new digs, an elegant brownstone in Chicago’s historic Gold Coast neighborhood, she has no idea what her new life will be like. Between balancing her job as a modeling agent and escaping a bad relationship, she’s hit rock bottom.

But things change when she moves into the same building as her close friend Meryl. Additionally, her two new twenty-something roommates, Ivy and Ella, help bring Bobbie out of her shell. Barbara, landlady and mother-hen of the house, watches out for the girls while sharing wisdom, sage advice, and guidance along better paths. Bobbie, Meryl, Ivy, and Ella, all variations of shy girls, brave the city of Chicago together, forming a powerful bond of friendship. Their nighttime roof deck conversations over glasses of wine instigate laughter and even some tears.

Bobbie takes a bold step to redesign her life completely to ensure she doesn’t fall into the romantic trap she fell into before. But there’s a new suitor in the picture, and she will have to decide between an old flame or a new one, taking a risk, something hard for any girl–even harder for a shy girl.


Join us as we launch a wonderful book series. Here’s what we are doing so far:

  • A great video we did with a number of very awesome, shy girls (see above)
  • WGN this Wednesday – 820 on your radio dial or go to the website and listen as Katie Leimkuehler and I dish about the Shy Town.
  • Akira clothing store book signing in Chicago, Saturday, December 8th.
  • National pr campaign
  • Setting up a six-week promotional series called “Six Weeks of Love” with $50 gift certificate give aways starting weekly, January 1st, 2013 ending Feb. 14th.
  • Ongoing blogging and a book club event online

This whole effort has been an amazing experience. It is a focus of my philanthropic initiative called “Leadership 19-29,” that helps young professionals get better starts in their lives. I am also donating a portion of each book sold to the YWCA in an effort to continue my focus on young people, especially young women. Stay tuned for more insights on our four-book novel series with Shy-Town Girls.

Ready to purchase Shy-Town Girls? Click here for the paperback version and here for the Kindle version.

In Gratitude!