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Experience Sedona. Experience You.

23 Apr

Pack your bags, you are headed to Sedona! As stated in the warning on Cindy’s website, “If you love that disconnected, difficult-to-be-present feeling, this isn’t for you.” However, it is likely you don’t like that feeling and that you are searching for something to reconnect yourself and your surroundings. Experience Sedona. Experience You,  will bring you that renewing spark you have been searching for. June and October dates are forming now! For more information, please contact Cindy Paine or checkout the website.

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Cool Girls Take Risks

22 Apr

On top of Mither Tap hill in the Bennachie Centre in Scotland this past weekend.

On top of Mither Tap hill in the Bennachie Centre in Scotland this past weekend.

Richard Branson Vs. Richard the Lionhearted

22 Apr

English: Mick Jagger, Statesboro, Georgia, May...

English: Mick Jagger, Statesboro, Georgia, May 4, 1965 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Five Little Know Facts about Richard Branson:


  1. Branson has dyslexia and had a poor academic record. Branson struggled as a student and as a matter of fact, was told by his headmaster at school that he would either end up in prison or become a millionaire. Lucky for Branson, it was the second option plus some! Branson is worth up to $4.9 billion.
  2. Virgin started in a church. True! Branson started his own company of a record business from a church where he ran The Student Magazine. In the 1960s he interviewed prominent personalities such as Mick Jagger and R.D. Laing. Because Branson advertised popular records, it was a huge and fast success.
  3. The name “Virgin” was because everyone working with him was new at the business.
  4. Branson has guest starred on several television shows. While he usually plays himself, he has guest starred on shows such as Friends, Baywatch, Birds of a Feather, Only Fools and Horses, The Day Today, Goodness Gracious Me and Tripping Over.
  5. Branson wed at his daughter’s request. Branson and now wife, Joan, had two children, daughter named Holly and son named Sam. When Holly was eight years old, she requested that her parents get married. It was than that the two wed on their 74-acre island in the British Virgin Islands.


Five Little Know Facts about Richard the Lionhearted:

  1. Richard was said to be very attractive. Evidently Richard 1 of England was a looker! It is said that he had red/blondish hair with a pale complexion and light eyes. Also, it is believe that he was a tall man at 6 feet 5 inches.
  2. At age 16, Richard was taking command.  At age 16, he had taken command of his own army in order to put down rebellions in Poitou against his father.
  3. While Richard was the King of England, he spoke a dialect of French. Richard spoke the langue of d’oil, a Romance language spoke in southern France. While Richard spent most of his childhood in England, he spent majority of his adult life prior to becoming King in his Duchy of Aquitain located in the southwest of France.
  4. Richard is buried in multiple places.  Interestingly enough, Richards’s heart was buried at Rouen in Normandy, which is where he died, but his body is actually buried at the feet of his father at Fontevraud Abbey in Anjou.
  5. Richard plays a role in multiple video games. Go figure, Richard is a video game character. He has appeared in the games stainless steel studios’ Empire Earth, Firefly Studios’ Stronghold: Crusader Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed and Paradox Interactive’s Crusader Kings 11.

Stephen King was the subject of an Onion article

22 Apr

On May 5, 1999, satirical publication The Onion featured a “commentary” piece by King himself entitled “I Don’t Even Remember Writing The Tommyknockers”.  In it, the author describes how at a book signing, a woman approached him and confessed her love for the novel. He wracked his brain but could not remember having written the book and even the title sounded foreign to him. King writes:

“Anyway, when I got home, I looked up The Tommyknockers in this literature reference book I have and, sure enough, I wrote it in 1987… After reading the plot synopsis, I sort of remembered it, but, then again, maybe it just sounded like something else I wrote. After your 50 or 60th one, it’s all kind of a blur. But if I had to venture a guess, I’d say I probably did write The Tommyknockers. It sounds like my kind of thing, what with this invisible evil being unleashed on a town full of innocent people and all.”

The article turned out to be 100% correct: due to his heavy drug and alcohol use throughout parts of the 1980s and 1990s , King was unable to remember writing much  of the material that pertains to that time period. Cujo, in particular, is one book that he cannot recall writing but nevertheless shows off his genius.

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Writing is Hard

20 Apr

FullSizeRenderWriting is hard. Like climbing the rocky side of a mountain to the top. You might slip or fall back, but once you get to the top, you know it was all worth it. I am currently reading the book This is The Story Of A Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett. In this book, Patchett states, “Why is it that we understand playing the cello will require work, but we attribute writing to the magic of inspiration. If a person of any age picked up the cello for the first time and said, “I’ll be playing in Carnegie Hall next month!” you would pity their delusion, yet beginning fiction writers all across the country polish up their best efforts and send them off to The New Yorker.”

Reading Patchett’s writing, gave me a peace of mind. I feel that through this internship and any time I attempt to write something, I put so much pressure on myself. I feel that if I am a writer, I should have a beam of inspiration to write the next best novel. I forget that this is very hard. Just like learning to play a sport or an instrument, it takes practice. It takes failed attempts, as well as, triumphant successes. It is important to learn that throughout my writing and really, throughout life, I will fall down. Much like Patchett’s professors, colleagues, and mentors in her life told her she needed to improve and how, I have Melissa. Melissa has been there to point out any areas of improvement that I may need. Constructive criticism is my best friend. Patchett’s mentors and Melissa could be compared to a watchdog. While a watchdog will bark at you if anything is wrong, they will also be a friend and show compassion when you most need it.

I will be successful.  I want to remember to hold onto those successful moments because that is what will help me get up when I stumble. I want to remember that this is a learning process and with each failed attempt, I learn something new. Failure is growth and growth is success, so I will keep failing in order to succeed.

Here’s to many more failed attempts with hope to find a diamond in the rough. This internship has given me the room I’ve need to explore, try new things, fail, and succeed.

Nasty Adverbs

17 Apr

Did you know that Stephen King Does not believe in using adverbs and avoids them at all cost in his writing. In his book titled On Writing: A Memoir on the Craft, King states that writers should not employ excessive use of adverbs due to the fact that it weakens the writing. He draws a contrast between the sentence “He closed the door firmly” and the simple “He closed the door”, stating that the word “firmly” in the first sentence does not have to be there at all to convey meaning. King continues his rant against adverbs to say that bad writing, of which the over-use of adverbs is surly a part, stems from fear:

“I’m convinced that fear is at the root of most bad writing. If one is writing for one’s own pleasure, that fear may be mild- timidity is the word I’ve used here. If, however, one is working under deadline-a school paper, a newspaper article, the SAT writing sample-that fear may be intense. Dumbo got airborne with the help of a magic feather; you may feel the urge to grasp a passive verb or one of those nasty adverbs for the same reason. Just remember before you do that Dumbo didn’t need the feather; the magic was in him.”

Therefore, in the majority of his writing, his sentences are clear-cut and to the point as he does not want to weaken the meaning nor dilute the ideas he is trying to put forth.

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