Showcasing “Shy Town Girls”


Melissa G Wilson, Jennifer Yih and Katie Leimkuehler

This book is a play on the phrase “Chi-town” for Chicago, a romance novel series about four shy yet brave young working woman in Chicago.

Check it out. Grab a copy and start experiencing what has become a “Sex and the City” type of book set in wonderful Chicago!






Cheers everyone!

My tune of the day: “Hold On” by Alabama Shakes

I’m Jennifer Yih, author of the first book of series “Shy Town Girls”. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to who we are here’s a link to Blog Talk Radio where you can hear from all the authors and insight into our collaborative process of writing the books.

Blog Talk Radio Introducing the Shy Town Girls

Who am I and what am I all about?

I’m probably not too much different than any of you quirky, interesting, and ambitious young women out there. I think we can all agree that our days are typically filled with overwhelming responsibilities, emotions, dramas, and by the end of the day we want to kick back in our sweats with our best friends with a glass of good wine in hand.

But in case I haven’t sold myself and you’re oh so curious about who I am. I typically go by Jen, sometimes Jennifer, never Jenny, and a few call me Chi-Chi (long story there that may or may not have something to do with a karaoke bar in Texas). My personality can best be described like a dog most days, I am extremely energetic, overly excited about a lot of things, active, and most importantly loyal. I studied Political Science at Loyola University for my first year and a half of college and later transferred to University of Wisconsin Madison to finish my degree. I fell in love with Political Science when I first took a Political Theory course taught by some stoic militant Professor from Turkey who talked about Plato and Socrates like they were Gods. It was cool, so I declared the major about a year later.

As far as family life, I’m a daddy’s girl but my mom is my best friend, not a super unique situation there. My dad is a first generation immigrant to the United States, born in Shanghai China and grew up in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The man speaks 7 languages fluently and is a borderline genius. He swept my mom off her feet in college; she’ll kill me for saying this but she was a bit of a beauty queen, absolutely dominating in pageants and being Miss Perfect for nearly all her life. She hated doing them, but her mom made her. Her real passion was music, she actually went to college on a piano scholarship and is a wizard on the keyboard. I don’t hear her play much anymore, unless I ask. My parents were good to me and my brother in that they exposed us to the world at quite a young age. I am proud to say I’m a small town girl but have seen the beaches of Dominican Republic and Mexico, the mountains of Austria, cleanliness of the Germans, food and smells of Italy, and much much more. I was successfully able to scale around 15+ countries in counting, three continents, and 2.5 languages, lived months on end in Brazil and Italy, and backpack Europe by the time I was 21.

I guess you could say Bobbie Bertucci, the main character of my book, is parts of me throughout time. You can really only write what you know and I know that Bobbie is a conglomerate of personalities and emotions. Like many other women, she tends to be moody to nearly emotionally unstable at times, defending her independence, ambitious, beautiful, intelligent, insecure, and confused as to what or how to identify true love and the overall meaning of life. I know it’s sounding deep, but what’s life without depth?

Stay tuned!