How To Find Your Perfect Match

17 Jul

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 3.49.52 PMHeartbreak is something that everyone goes through, yet it somehow feels so personal. Choosing ME before WE is an important book for anyone who has experienced heartbreak. This book will help you learn to love yourself and identify the right partner for you.

Author Christine Arylo was inspired to write Choosing ME before WE because of her own relationship experiences – her engagement was called off by her fiance and partner of 15 years just hours before their engagement party. In the months that followed, Arylo resolved to turn her initial devastation into something that could help other women succeed in their relationships.

The happiness of so many women in relationships is dependent on their partner. What Arylo wants women to realize is that the only person you should depend upon for happiness is yourself! In her book, Arylo describes what she calls “the 5 vows” that you must promise to keep to yourself before committing to a relationship. Additionally, Arylo’s book will help you master how to pick the perfect person for you by teaching you how to not “settle” because you’re afraid of being alone, how to get past heartbreak, and the “core four” – Arylo’s method finding the partner that is right for you.

One reader says that “if [she] had the extra money, [she] would buy a copy of this book and gift it to every woman [she] know(s)”, while another says that she “collected more real, useful, tidbits from this book than [she] think(s) [she’s] ever gotten from therapy”. According to Publisher’s Weekly, “this exercise in intention-setting and manifestation will help any woman who wants a lasting partnership that reflects her own true self”.

So it’s clear: Choosing ME before WE offers invaluable advice for any woman looking for a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Get it now, and find yourself a partner that helps you be the best you can be!

Sarah Goodman

Sarah Goodman

Writing and Editing Intern for Networlding Publishing