Lacking Confidence? Here’s What You Should Read

12 Jul



The Confidence Code, a book by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay, is an important novel for any woman in the workforce. It tackles the question: why men are still the dominating force in the corporate world even though modern day American women are just as qualified as men? With striking statistics about gender in the workforce, the book analyzes many of the reasons for men’s greater apparent success, such as the fact that women are less likely to fight for higher salary than men or that there is a greater importance placed on competence than confidence in our workforce.

So how do women combat these issues they’re faced with? This book acts as a guide for women to understand the importance of having confidence and offers insight as to why so many women lack it. The focus of the book is to teach women how to build their confidence, and helps women develop methods for gaining confidence that they can pass on to their friends and daughters.

One book reader on describes the book as “life-changing”, saying that she “learned new things and old lessons sunk deeper” and that “it has truly changed the way I carry myself at work as well as in my daily life”. Another reader says that the book has encouraged her to “search within [herself] on and work to bring [confidence] out”. Yet another reader thinks that every woman, no matter the profession, can only benefit from reading this book”. So if you’re a woman looking to excel in the workforce, get this book now and unlock your inner confidence!

Sarah Goodman

Sarah Goodman

Writing and Editing Intern for Networlding Publishing