The Daily Mashup: Mr. Darcy Meets Mr. Grey

10 Jun


We can all agree that Mr. Darcy and Mr. Grey are two heartthrobs who have successfully captured the hearts of millions of women. Of course these men are both unquestionably attractive, but they also share some defining personality traits.

While Grey has more of a tortured background that causes some emotional trauma, Darcy seems to have had a rather traditional and privileged upbringing.

Here are a few similarities:

As they each matured into the full fledged dreamboats they are, they each developed arrogance and a sense of superiority. Darcy and Grey are both prideful and absolutely keen on protecting their precious self-worth while passing judgment on others who do not meet their standards.

Charmingly enough, they both fall for women who are in a lower class than them. Both of the handsome bachelors are wealthy, independent, successful men who each seek out the company of a woman who lacks both money and importance in the world.

Darcy and Grey do however struggle with their feelings for these women. Mr. Darcy first tells Elizabeth that he loves her against his better judgment, while Mr. Grey is adamant that he is not romantic and has no intention of being Anastasia’s boyfriend. Later, Mr. Grey becomes frustrated when real feelings for Anastasia start to develop.

Eventually, Darcy and Grey are chasing after Elizabeth and Anastasia, both of whom are women who challenge them and call them out on their arrogant nature.

Now we definitely know what goes on behind closed doors with Mr. Grey and Anastasia, but Jane Austen leaves us wondering how intimate Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth will actually get. Who knows, maybe both men have a similar style when it comes to private time with their loved one!

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