Nature’s Basin

7 Mar

Finally an organic beauty care website I can trust! Nature’s Basin carries over 400 products in a variety of categories:  facial, body, and hair care as well as many cosmetic lines.  What began as a quest to provide quality products to her family, Donna Wing has turned into a blossoming website.  Wanting to put her carefully collected research to good use, all the products listed on this website have met particular certifications and the qualifications for each label is also given.  You won’t find any synthetic chemicals here, and you can click on each brand to learn more about their specific ingredients and methods of production.  What I really like is the cosmetic section, because finding truly organic make-up products is still pretty difficult these days. Nature’s Basin has managed to solve this problem as well–they even have eco-friendly nail polish!  This easy to navigate website offers a lot of information to those who are curious in learning more about what it means to be natural and organic, especially in regards to beauty care.  Visit our store page to view some pretty cool products I’ve picked out!

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