Thought Leaders

Melissa’s book The Nanosecond Networlders: Changing Lives in an Instant Forever, is the perfect short read for an introduction on how quickly the networlding experience can change your life. It also exemplifies how important it is to find people with the same core values in order to fully experience a career which does not feel like a constant struggle and energy drain. Â All of these concepts together allow you to develop a system of giving and receiving that ultimately benefits everyone. Never underestimate the power of a connected conversation to create amazing results. Grab a copy today to start creating a better network.

  1. Networlding Blog: Here you can find ongoing resources for working on social media campaigns and book publishing as a great way to grow your business faster and better.
  2. Carol Roth: Carol is amazing. She is certainly a best friend of women entrepreneurs. Check out her site and get ready to sky rocket to entrepreneurial success when she comes out with her new book.
  3. Chris Brogan: Love this guy. He started on his kitchen table and now has over 500,000 links coming into his blog. He is considered to be the second top blogger in the world (Problogger is first. Also a great resource).
  4. Seth Godin: You want to know marketing? Sign up for his daily blog posts. After about a week you will be hooked on receiving them every day. And read his books. Start with Permission Marketing and read forward from there. By the time you get to Tribes you will be so savvy you could help me grow my business better!


  1. National Association of Women Business Owners 
  2. Center for Women;s Research 
  3. Women Impacting Public Policy 
  4. Athena International Foundation 
  5. National Association for Female Executives 
  6. Enterprising Women 
  7. National Women’s Business Council
  8. Women about Biz 
  9. Women Owned: Business Networks for Women
  10. The SBA