Shy Town Girls and Collaborative Publishing

25 Sep

I want to make sure I introduce the whole team of writers on what we are calling a “collaborative publishing” initiative. We are defining collaborative publishing as an effort that starts with multiple authors who then publish, in our case, a series of books. Following is more detail as to what exactly our process involves. That’s Kate on the far left, Katie in the middle and Jennifer to the far right. That leaves me upfront in the middle.

Overview of the Shy Town Girls’ Novel Series

I met Jennifer Yih about three years ago through her aunt who told me about her “amazing” niece who could assist me with support with the publishing and social media efforts I have been involved with. Through the years as Jen has been finishing up college at The University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, she has brought so much to my process. Later, in the last couple of years, Katie Leimkuehler approached me to learn more about publishing and its connection to social media followed by Kate Clinesmith who also wanted to learn.

As I heard these three, very talented young women share their common passions, I thought, “Gee, it would be even more relevant and beneficial for these three talented women to learn writing and publishing up close and personal.” With this thought I reached out and offered each of them the request to join me in a collaborative writing and publishing process with the focus on a book series. From that moment on, everything just “clicked.”

Within four weeks we have:

  • decided on the title: “Shy Town Girls.”
  • decided on the number of books we would write: four.
  • decided on who would write each book: Jennifer, book 1, Katie, book 2, Kate  book 3 and me, book 4.
  • created detailed descriptions of each of our characters.
  • wrote out the plot to all four books.
  • are now in the process of choosing the cover.
  • set our publication date: December 1st of this year.

What do you think? Any suggestions? We will keep sharing the process as we go along.


MG Wilson

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