Shy-Town Girls

20 Sep


Join us as we work together to collaborate on a new romance novel series called Shy Town Girls. I call this a “collaborative publishing” process. In upcoming articles we will share our creative process as much as possible to help you really understand what it takes to create a great book.

I’ve been writing books for almost two decades now. It’s now turned into a passion to help others write books. And when I heard from three, separate, amazing young women that they would love to write a novel, I decided to bring them together, let them connect, and then . . . co-author a book with me.

As I said to Jen, Kate and Katie, “The best way to tell you how to write a book is to show you how. So, a couple of months ago I offered these three young women the opportunity to write a book series with me.

Now, we are busy working on a four-part novel series that will come out with the first book at the beginning of December this year. Also take a moment to listen to our radio show if you would like even more detail. No matter what, we welcome you to offer your thoughts and questions on this exciting journey!

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