The Daily Mashup: Ben Franklin to Ben & Jerry

11 Jun

MASHUPSWhen thinking of the famously known Founding Father Ben Franklin, ice cream doesn’t usually come to mind. However, the Founding Fathers of great tasting ice cream Ben & Jerry have more in common with him than you think.

Here are a few similarities:

Franklin as well as Ben & Jerry got their start in the state of Pennsylvania. This is the state where one 17 year old Franklin ran away to in order to make a new start for himself in Philadelphia. He started working in printer shops, became publisher of The Pennsylvania Gazette, and eventually a well-known author. Then of course he was on the legendary Committee of Five that drafted The Declaration of Independence, all in the state of Pennsylvania. This is also the state where young Ben & Jerry, both 26, completed a $5 correspondence course on ice cream at Penn State University. One year later, they invested $12,000 for their very own ice cream shop. The rest is history!

We can also agree that Ben Franklin and Ben & Jerry are known for their game changing inventions. Franklin made major strides with electricity, being the first to discover positive and negative electric charges. He is best known for proving lightning was a source of electricity by flying a kite in a storm. This experiment also led to his invention of the lightning rod, used to protect buildings and houses from lightning strikes. Ben & Jerry didn’t invent electricity but they did invent amazing ice cream. Their creation is well known for their chunks of flavor as well as many original flavors. To name a few: There’s Chunky Monkey, containing banana ice cream, chocolate chunks, and walnuts. There’s Phish Food, made with chocolate ice cream, chocolate and marshmellow chunks, and carmel. And there’s Peace of Cake, made with strawberry cheesecake ice cream with chunks of strawberry and cookie swirls. Yummmm.

Another parallel between Ben Franklin and Ben & Jerry has to do with their involvement with social action and human rights in America. Other than his involvement in the Declaration, Franklin was a fierce fighter against racial prejudice. From organizing protection for American Indians to taking on the role of an abolitionist and freeing many slaves, it’s clear Franklin wanted freedom for all Americans. Ben & Jerry follow his example by supporting equal marriage rights for same-sex couples with the names of their ice cream flavors, such as changing Chubby Hubby to Hubby Hubby in celebration of Vermont legalizing same-sex marriage.

Ben Franklin and Ben & Jerry are linked by their commitment to the bettering of the community and the general public. Ben Franklin helped the community by taking part in educating the youth of Pennsylvania by assisting in the startup of schools as well as creating a plan for American colleges. He founded the American Philosophical Society to help scientific men with their discoveries. He also had major involvement in the establishment of Pennsylvania hospital, the first hospital in the US. He became a member of the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures & Commerce, dedicated to furthering the creation of science and art. The Ben & Jerry Foundation is dedicated to funding community-oriented projects. They are involved with the Children’s Defense Fund in order to convince Congress to bring children’s most basic needs into the national agenda. To support farmers and get them the fair price for their harvest, Ben & Jerry participate in Fair Trade efforts. They also participated in a protest against oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. In addition to helping people and animals, Ben & Jerry want to help the Earth by partnering with to fight global warming.

Looks like these guys really do have a lot in common!
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