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15 Jun

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George Washington is a widely respected Founding Father and a monumental historical icon for America. He was our nation’s first President, considered by many to be our nation’s greatest president. George Clooney is a strikingly handsome actor, a man adored by women of all ages who can be recognized by anyone even remotely engaged in pop culture.

Needless to say, these two Georges are very different. Surprisingly, they have more than a just a couple things in common.

Here are a few similarities:

Washington and Clooney each share the honor of being named in TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. Washington was apart of TIME’s book  The 100 Most Influential People of All Time which profiles great leaders and icons throughout history. Clooney was apart of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2007, 2008, and 2009.

Though neither of them were born in Ohio, the Georges also each have a connection to the state. Washington’s brother Lawrence was part of the Ohio Company, interested in settling on Ohio’s land where the French were currently residing. Therefore, when Washington was a teenager, he was able to meet Robert Dinwiddie, the lieutenant governor of Virginia. He offered Washington a position in the Virginia militia and gave him the responsibility of delivering a letter to the French asking them to leave the Ohio Valley. The French and Indian War started in the area of Ohio and it was Washington’s first experience with war. Clooney didn’t fight in the Ohio area, but he did spend much of his childhood there. Clooney attended schools in the cities of Columbus and then Mason, Ohio for elementary school and part of middle school.

Religion is something else these two iconic men have in common. Both Washington and Clooney were raised Christian, and even participated as members of their church’s board. Washington volunteered as a church warden, representing the members of the parish and was able to cooperate with the priest. Clooney’s family was very Catholic and he served as an altar boy as a kid.

These men also seem to have had two great loves in their lives and both got married at the age of 28. Washington was only married once to Martha Dandridge Custis at age 28 but letters have revealed that he was in love with Sally Fairfax, the wife of Washington’s friend. George Washington was involved with two women, similar to George Clooney who has had two wives. Though Clooney has been seen with many women, only two have stolen his heart to the point where they said their vows. Clooney married Talia Balsam when he was 28 and the marriage lasted 4 years. He got married again in 2014 to Amal Alamuddin when he was 53. 

Another interesting comparison between these two famous Georges is that neither of them have children of their own. When Washington married Martha, she already had two children from her previous marriage. Together, George and Martha never had any children, which some suggest may be due to George’s bad case of smallpox which could have made him sterile. George Clooney, though married twice, hasn’t taken the step to be a father. At the current age of 54, it’s unlikely he will ever have kids. But who knows, maybe him and Amal have upcoming plans for pregnancy!

A little known fact about George Washington is that he was actually against slavery, an unpopular opinion for his time. Both Washington and Clooney have made strides towards human rights. Washington was actually the only Founding Father to put in his will and testament that he wanted his slaves to be freed. Not wanting to threaten the overall unity of the nation, Washington privately opposed slavery, thinking it both immoral and economically unreliable. Washington didn’t sell his slaves during his lifetime because he didn’t want to break up their families. To Robert Morris, Washington said, “There is not a man living who wishes more sincerely than I do, to see a plan adopted for the abolition of slavery.” Clooney shows his support for human rights by supporting same-sex marriage. He participated in a play about legalizing same-sex marriage in California alongside Brad Pitt to raise money for American Foundation for Equal Rights. He also contributes to the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) to create a safe space in schools for children who belong to the LGBTQ community.
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