The Daily Mashup: Harry Truman to Harry Styles

19 Jun

MASHUPS (9)Harry S. Truman was the 33rd President of the United States, considered to be one of the best presidents in U.S. history. He ranks as 5th best in the polls behind Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Washington, and Theodore Roosevelt. Truman was the running mate of Franklin D. Roosevelt and took over the presidency after only 3 months in 1945 following Roosevelt’s death. Harry Styles was never a U.S. President (you have to be 35 to even run) and it’s probably safe to say he never will be. However, his boyishly handsome good looks and his musical talents landed him a spot in the boyband One Direction. The band’s debut song “What Makes You Beautiful” has sold over 5 million copies worldwide, making it among one of the best-selling singles of all time.

Here are a few similarities:

These men may be tough guys on the outside, but it’s no secret these two are both momma’s boys. Pretty cute, right? Truman was very close to his mother, who was exceedingly supportive of him particularly during his childhood. She encouraged his interests in music, reading, and history. As president, he asked for political as well as personal advice from her. Styles is known for his close relationship with his mother as well. When asked which of Styles’ accomplishments he is most proud of, he says he’s most proud of things his mother considers the most impressive. His mother has revealed that her son will call her up to five times a day, unless there’s a massive time difference between them, in which case he texts that he loves and misses her.

Both Truman and Styles are musicians. Turns out they both can play the piano. Truman had bad eyesight his whole life, creating barriers for him to overcome. He wasn’t able to participate in sports as a child so he turned to music and reading. He got up at five every morning to practice the piano, which he studied twice a week until he was fifteen and continued playing into adulthood. Styles, being a member of a band, decided about three years ago that he wanted to learn to play the piano because he’s eager to discover other artistic endeavors. He has taken many regular lessons with a tutor to improve his skills.

These two successful dudes didn’t use education to move up in the world. In fact, they didn’t earn a college degree. Truman had dreams of attending West Point, but he was refused an appointment because of his poor eyesight. Following his high school graduation in 1901, Truman worked at a variety of jobs. He found employment in farming, oil drilling and banking before enlisting in the army during WWI in 1917. He then ran for the county judge position in his state of Missouri, then for the U.S. Senate, and finally as Roosevelt’s running mate. He is the most recent president to not earn a college degree. Styles attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School in England and took his GCSEs (final high school exams in the UK) before auditioning as a solo singer on The X Factor in 2010. Failing to progress in the show being a solo act, he was matched up with four other solo boys his age to make a group. Styles thought of the name “One Direction” and they came in 3rd place on The X Factor that year. Simon Cowell signed them to his record label and the rest is history.

These Harrys are also both democrats. Well, sort of. As a teenager, Harry Truman worked as a page at the 1900 Democratic National Convention and his father had many friends who were active in the Democratic Party, helping Truman gain his first political position. He gained the vice presidential nomination in 1944 to join Roosevelt. Harry Styles’ political views are linked to the Labour Party of the UK, which is a centre-left political party. In the UK, instead of democrat and republican, they have the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. The Labour Party contains trends that are socially democratic.

Truman, along with Styles, were both raised Christian. Truman was brought up in the Presbyterian and Baptist churches. However, he rarely spoke about religion and he avoided revivals, sometimes ridiculing revivalist preachers. In the army, most of the soldiers he commanded were Catholic, a few were Jewish, and the others were of different denominations. He got along with all of them. Styles, like Truman, doesn’t speak much about religion though the general consensus is that he is Catholic. Styles wears a crucifix around his neck, a symbol of the Catholic church.

Truman and Styles have both had the honor of meeting the Queen of England. Right before her coronation, Harry Truman met then Princess Elizabeth when she came to Washington D.C. in 1951. She and Prince Philip stayed with Truman and his family at Blair House (the White House was undergoing major renovations). Princess Elizabeth delighted Truman and the American people. Truman told Elizabeth, that according to his wife, “Whenever anyone becomes acquainted with you they immediately fall in love.” How charming. Harry Styles met Queen Elizabeth in 2012 along with the other One Direction boys during the Royal Variety Performance in London, England. Styles was star struck and wrote on Twitter that night, “Today, I met the Queen. Amazing night.. Can’t believe it!”


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