What did you do today?

20 Sep

September 20th was a Thursday a Long-day

Today (Thursday) was s a big day towards the progression of  “Shy Town Girls”. I’m not sure how I did it but yesterday may or may not have been one of the most chaotic yet orchestrated days I’ve had. It’s currently Friday September 21, 2012 approximately 9:43AM. Two days ago, Wednesday I went to class, drove home to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, had a quick bite and stroll with my mother, I prepped for Thursday, laid out my outfit, set the alarm, and hit the sheets. My obnoxious alarm clock fired off at 5:45AM, I only pressed the snooze once. I crawled out of bed to the shower, got ready, made some terrible coffee, and was on the road towards Chicago by 6:55AM. Before I know it, it’s 8:30AM and I’m passing through Edens Expressway, here comes the moment of truth. TRAFFIC! Oh no, I’m going to be late. I have to meet Melissa Giovagnoli, President of Networlding Publishing, and two other authors who I barely know, Kate Clinesmith and Katie Leimkuehler. I text Melissa while at a dead stop in traffic, “Hitting some traffic on the way in, be there soon.” 45 dreary minutes go by and I am officially late. Park on the 7th floor in some random parking garage that was going to rip me off. I run down the street to 101 N. Wacker Drive, smack the elevator doors to bring me up to the 6th floor, swing open the door that says “Networlding” and there sits Melissa, Kate, and Katie laptops open and already working.


Kate, Katie, Jennifer, Melissa

We meeted and greeted for a few minutes, I had to apologize for the unprofessional act of being late a few times, but then decided to drop it. Let’s move forward. We dove into the marketing strategy of who, what, and how we were going to reach out to our target audience and most importantly how we wanted “Shy Town Girls” to be portrayed to the world. We worked out the equities like color, images, size, etc. How fun! I loved the way Melissa, Kate, Katie and I worked together, it was communicative and fluid. Coffee break! We quickly used the bathroom, made a cup of joe, and chit chatted in the break-room about our personal lives. Kate is moving to San Francisco! I am struggling to juggle 17 credits AND write a book. Kate just launched her new website (conquertheedge.com). Now I understand why we all get along.

Break time is over, it’s back to work. The sounds of slapping away at the keyboard rang through the office, I’m surprised we weren’t making the windows vibrate. Let’s start with Book 1 Scene 1 and work our way through it. This is my book and all about the main character, beautiful Bobbie Bertucci. We discuss and analyze the psychological working of Bobbie, introduce characters dear to her, family background, educational accomplishments, and where she stands emotionally at the start of the book. I won’t give it away now because you’ll just have to read!

After a quick 20 minute interview on Blog Talk Radio about the upcoming romance novel “Shy Town Girls” it was time for me to run. I said my goodbyes and before I knew it I was crossing the Wisconsin border. My dad was worried I was going to fall asleep behind the wheel or something along those lines, so he drove me back to University of Wisconin departing Lake Geneva at exactly 3:45PM, making it to campus at exactly 5:00. Perfect! I got slipped on my black business dress, a pair of stilettos I had just gotten in Italy, washed my face, re-applied make-up, curled the ends of my hair, sprayed, perfumed, and grabbed my folder of resumes and off to the career fair I go! I was successfully able to chat with two international consulting firms, Macy’s management recruiters, AISEC Global Exchange, General Mills, and my highest priority Procter and Gamble. I was lucky enough to introduce myself to one of the recruiters at P&G, Drew, who encouraged me to apply due to my diverse background and variety experience. I had to end it on that note, so I walked out of the career fair, down the street, and up to the 3rd floor of the Student Activity Center where I was supposed to meet a group of 5 other students to discuss our marketing project for the semester. Feeling slightly light headed, fatigued, hungry, the florescent lighting made me feel like I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone, I was surprisingly high on life!

I came home and was greeted by my wonderful roommate Kyla who had a glass of wine waiting on the counter for me.

What a day, I have to say… What did you do today?

Hear more about “Shy Town Girls” series here at Blog Talk Radio to get the inside scoop from the authors themselves!

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