When it Comes to Mental Health, You Are Not Alone

13 Jul

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Mental health is an affliction that too many suffer from, but few are willing to talk about. Unfortunately, many people who wrestle with mental health struggle silently. For any woman (or man!) who finds that she is struggling with her mental health, reading The Woman Who Thought Too Much can offer insight and guidance.

Written by Joanne Limburg, this memoir details the author’s lifelong struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which has plagued even her earliest memories. During her childhood, throughout her teen years, and into adulthood, her condition worsened until it took over her life and thoughts. While it took her many years to finally identify her problem, the book takes readers through her efforts to understand her disease and deal with its symptoms as best she could.

The memoir has received praise from many reputable critics. Author Hilary Mantel says that the memoir is so deeply personal that “at times you want to close this book to protect its subject from your scrutiny”. She praises Limburg’s “insight and rueful wit”, and says that the memoir is “interesting not only for her fellow walking wounded, but for writers and would-be writers”. The Jewish Chronicle describes Limburg’s work as “something most of us could benefit from in an egocentric world that expects airbrushed perfection” and as “a tale of self-acceptance”.

If you are struggling with mental health, The Woman Who Thought Too Much is an essential read. You are NOT alone!

Sarah Goodman

Sarah Goodman

Writing and Editing Intern for Networlding Publishing